Darrell Baggenstoss

DARRELL BAGGENSTOSS – guitars | keys | vinyl

Darrell began his career in music early with piano study and expanded into guitar, voice, composition and improvisation over the past 25 years. He earned his Bachelor of Music degree in Music Theory/Composition, Vocal Education from the University of Minnesota Duluth. Among his influences, Darrell credits noted artists such as John Scofield, Soulive, Miles Davis, MMW, Quincy Jones, and many others for helping to shape his musical voice.

Prior to Apartment 12J, Darrell performed in FD8, Muv and the popular group, Spigot. He composed and produced six full-length musicals to date, along with numerous vocal and instrumental pieces. In addition to teaching classroom music, he also tours as director of student choirs at various metro area venues.

Dan Baggenstoss

DAN BAGGENSTOSS – drums | percussion | electronics

Beginning his musical experience with piano study, Dan has been hard at work for two decades at the drums, later propelling the music of FD8, Muv and Spigot. A diverse roster of greats molds Dan’s drumming, including Billy Martin of MMW, New Orleans native Stanton Moore, Tommy Lee, Carter Beauford, the Beastie Boys and the irrepressible style of James Brown.

As a member of Apartment 12J, Dan brings an intensely dynamic heart to the group, taking a lyrical approach to percussion’s role in an ensemble. Consider his drumming as not only the rhythmical foundation to the music, but also as an equal voice in the trio.

Brian Rowe

BRIAN ROWE – basses | synthesizers | samples

Before Apartment 12J, Brian played bass, trombone and keys in various ensembles, competitions, and musical groups for over 20 years. In addition to supporting both local and national jazz musicians during that time, he performed for the Millennium Days series at the Kennedy Center, had music broadcast on Jazz 88 KBEM radio with The Hands of Time Jazz Quartet, and traveled with the pop trio, October. Brian also worked with other musicians to bring jazz workshops to local students and to communities outside Minnesota.

Brian finds inspiration in the works of Sonny Rollins, Zakir Hussain, Charlie Hunter, Caetano Veloso, and other bassists like Chuck Rainey, Ron Carter and Ray Brown.